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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you custom dashboard?

Not yet. We will be adding the ability to add and remove reports from the dashboard in the future. If you have a suggestion of a report you would like or a change to our reports please let us know here. The reports are currently laid out as follows:

  • Dashboard – Shows an overview of all your web monitors and server monitors
  • Website Monitoring > Website > Dashboard – Shows details about a specific website (all tests from all locations for a specific domain)
  • Server Monitoring > Server > Dashboard – Shows Resource Usage and Processes for a particular server

How do I edit my account?

Under Account > Details you can specify your billing details as well as see an overview of the services you are using and your remaining SMS Balance. The billing details in this section are used to populate your invoices.

How many users can I add? Can they edit my monitors/dashboard?

You can add as many users to your account as you like. We only charge you for monitoring your websites and servers not just to have an extra login like other companies. At the moment they can edit your account but we are in the process of creating a ‘main admin’ and ‘additional users’ so the ‘main admin’ can select which users can edit and which users can just view the monitors and dashboards.

Can I change which website I want to monitor?

Yes to do this simply remove your old monitor and add a new one. If you’re changing the domain name for an existing site you could also edit your monitor and change the URL to keep your old performance and alert data.

Can you print/save invoices? How?

Yes you can print your invoices go to Account > invoices. Click print.

Can I buy additional monitors without having to upgrade?

No if you want to add monitors this will require an upgrade.

How soon can you upgrade?

You can upgrade at any time. If you are in your free trial your remaining days from your free trial will be added to your first billing period. If you are half way through your current billing period your balance left over from the current period will be deducted from your new plan. For example if you are paying $10 a month and you upgrade to $20 a month half way through you would only pay $15 and your new plan would start immediately.

How do I buy additional sms?

By going to account > SMS Top Up you can select an amount and click buy. You can always set an auto top-up amount by going to your Account > Upgrade page.

How do I cancel?

Send an email to please give 14 days notice.

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