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Why monitor my website?

To help get the best search results - Google penalises site which are slow or have downtime issues

Prevent loss of sales - Customers will go elsewhere if the site is down for too long or takes too long to load

Identification of malicious software - Receive error alerts of issues on your website or server which you can resolve.

The sooner you know about a problem the sooner you can fix it!

A Full Range of Services

We provide all the tools you need to fine-tune your website's performance. Whether you have a single site or a legion of websites, MonitorMyWeb has basic and advanced tools.

Our services include:

  • Website Monitoring

    This service automatically checks your website is up and running at top speeds. It also tracks the data over time so you can spot trends.

    Our main features:

    • Checks to your website every minute
    • SMS & Email notifications
    • Historical reports
  • Server Monitoring

    Our server monitoring solution provides you with the ability to identify issues before they arise. 

    Receive notifications and reports for critical resources such as processor and memory utilization, disk space, network bandwidth and per process cpu & memory usage.

    Our key features include:

    • Realtime SMS and Email alerts for both your internal and external facing servers
    • Historical reports for critial resources
    • Configurable critical services so you know if a service is down
    • Per process reporting to identify applications which are using to much cpu or memory
    • Dashboards to view our server health at a glance

Real Time Alerts

Know ASAP if something has gone wrong. All of our services offer customisable alerts via email or SMS.'s server is not responding. Immediate attention required.

Your WebsiteviaMonitorMyWeb is experiencing high CPU usage at the moment.

Your WebsiteviaMonitorMyWeb

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