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Why Monitor My Web?

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Unlimited Users

Why rely on one user to receive updates on your website? Add unlimited users to your account at no extra cost. Arrange users into alert groups to ensure the correct people are contacted to resolve the problem. Don't worry about the number of users, you will still receive unlimited email alerts at no extra cost.

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Worldwide Locations

When it comes to the global performance of your website or server, ensuring checks cover the globe is everything. Enjoy checkpoints across 6 continents from Sydney to California so you can pinpoint where you are experiencing problems, errors or decreased in performance.

Historical problem reports

Monitoring History

Keep easy to access archive records of your website and server performances from the last 2 months, so you can spot trends and make those important decisions with historical data to back it up.

Minute by Minute Checks

Frequent check intervals

Ensure your website is constantly active with minute by minute checks or customise your report preference for hourly to weekly averages for quick analysis. Enjoy the ability for live data feedback on a global scale to identify if issues have been resolved and service recommenced.

Quick Support

Expert Support

Everyone requires help from time to time. That's why when you request support from MonitorMyWeb, you'll get supported by our dedicated experts. Our support department also designed the system so you are in safe hands and we aim to offer our support as quickly as possible.

MonitorMyWeb has allowed us to compete internationally. Previously we didn't know our website used to go down in the US, now we receive notifications. A service we now couldn't live without! Darren - WhoIsVisiting

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