Server Monitoring

Monitor and manage your servers.

Our advanced reporting feature not only lets you know when a critical service fails but helps prevent issues before they occur.

Alerts based on individual resources

We give you the control. If you have a server which regularly runs intensive jobs you may not want to enable the CPU alert feature. You may however want to make sure that job keeps running. We give you the control to toggle alerts for individual processes and resources to enable you to receive information relevant to you.

Time sensitive reports and alerts

We don't charge extra for additional user accounts. You can add everyone in your team to your account and create groups for different working hours. Multiple groups can be assigned to server or web monitors ensuring you get a good nights sleep and the people in the right location at the right time know if something needs attention.

Critical resource monitoring

We record CPU, Memory, Disk and networking utilization. Using this data we give you access to reports showing growth or changes to the key resources of your server allowing you to identify changes impacting your server health. 

Configuring alerts for low disk space, high memory usage or bottlenecks in your performance will enable you to prevent potential issues before they occur. Using our per process reports you can also see if there is a change to the utilization based on an individual application allowing you to pinpoint the cause.

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