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Server Monitoring

Monitor and manage your servers.


Resource Checks

Continuously performing resources checks (CPU, Memory, Disk Space and Networking utilisation), enabling you the ability to identify problem areas and functions causing performance problems.

Mail Servers

Email uptime is essential for any business, so when downtime strikes, it puts great importance to be able to resolve the problem quickly.

Process Monitoring

Ensure all individual applications on your server are performing how you expect. Create process alerts to monitor when applications should be active and inactive to allow for optimal server performance.

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Global Checks

Enjoy discovering performance checks over 6 continents to determine the locations where problems are occurring. Visual and written presentation of data offers quick analysis on a global scale.

custom server alerts


Create flexible thresholds for alerts on individual processes and resources. Did the CPU spike in the last hour? If any threshold is reached, MonitorMyWeb notifies you via email and/or SMS depending on preference.

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Unlimited Users

We do not impose any hidden charges when you want more users to ensure your website is active. We promote a company and group collaboration with grouped alerts and access to specific data.

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Flexible Support

We all require assistance from time to time. That is why MonitorMyWeb offers expert support who will provide solutions to any questions and we pride ourselves on answering your query as soon as possible because we know how important your website is to you.

MonitorMyWeb has allowed us to compete internationally. Previously we didn't know our website used to go down in the US, now we receive notifications. A service we now couldn't live without! Darren - WhoIsVisiting
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