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Website Monitoring

What are the benefits of monitoring my website?


Minimising Downtime

One of the best features of a website is that they can be visited 24/7 but this is only true if your website is up at all hours.

Peak Performance

Even with maximal uptime, a website can still fall short of expectations if it is slow or sluggish. MonitorMyWeb can help you pinpoint where performance is failing whether it’s a sudden rise in visitors or a server issue.

Track Changes

Improving user experience is an important part of maintaining a website, but how do you know those changes help? MonitorMyWeb tracks how your changes affect the speed of a website.

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Worldwide Location

Be a global success with checkpoints covering 6 continents from Sydney to California, you will know when and where you are at peak performance. Discover how you’re performing now.

Minute by Minute Data

Live Data

Benefit from minute by minute updates to keep up to speed with how your website is performing. Want to feel empowered? You could be by understanding how your website performs on a global scale.

Email and SMS Alerts

Instant Alerts

Receive instant notifications via SMS and/or email to your designated alert groups so you always know how your website is performing. Error detected? Depended on error type, your designated alert group will receive all the information to resolve the error.

Live status codes on iPad

Precise Status Codes

Alerts about having an issue is ok, have alerts with information about what is wrong is great. Every alert we provide includes precise status codes so you will know exactly what requires fixing, saving you time and customers.

MonitorMyWeb has allowed us to compete internationally. Previously we didn't know our website used to go down in the US, now we receive notifications. A service we now couldn't live without! Darren - WhoIsVisiting

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