Website Monitoring

What are the benefits of monitoring my website?

MonitorMyWeb does more than just check to see if your website is up. It can also be used to make sure your website is running as efficiently as possible, at all times.

It achieves this by targeting the following points:

Minimizing Downtime

One of the best things about a website is that they can be visited 24/7. But this is only true if you're website is up and running at all hours.

An outage occurring out of office hours could result in your website being down for hours.

With MonitorMyWeb, you can make sure that your website is available for your visitors at all times.

Peak Performance

Even with maximal uptime, a website can still fall short of expectations if it is slow or sluggish. MonitorMyWeb can help you pinpoint where performance is failing whether it’s a sudden rise in visitors or a server issue.

Tracking Changes

Improving user experience is an important part of maintaining a website. But how do you know those changes are actually helping?

Using MonitorMyWeb you can track how your changes affect the speed of your website and your visitors’ behavior. Over time you can use this data to refine your website and tailor it for optimal user experience.

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