A tool for every situation.

Website Monitoring

View, hourly, daily and monthly reports showing you changes within your website load times. Setup thresholds for warning or critical alerts so you know as soon as your website is performing badly. See Website Monitoring for more information

SMS Alerts

Unlike most other monitoring services we don't overcharge for SMS bundles. If you need extra credits you can top up and get 100 SMS credits for just $10.

Unlimited users

Add users to your account at no extra cost.

14 Day Free Trial

Try our service free for 14 days. We give you one web monitor and one server monitor to use on your account as well as 10 free SMS credits. You can invite as many users to your account as you like and you have all the same features as you would have on our paid packages.

Server reporting

Do you know when your server is struggling and why? Our server monitor will give you the tools to prevent issues from occuring as well as help you identify causes for poor performance. See Server Monitoring for more information

Email Alerts

You can receive performance reports and alerts via email instead of using your SMS credits. Receive what you want, when you want and how you want.

Alert Groups

Alert people depending on what day or time it is.

Multiple test locations

Test your websites from many locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia for a full list of locations click here

Upgrade for free

We only charge you the difference for your upgrade. If you upgrade from a $10 plan to a $20 plan half way through your billing period we will only charge you the extra $5 and activate your upgrade immediately.

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