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What we offer

MonitorMyWeb is a global performance monitoring solution for websites and servers. We understand how important your website is to you and that’s why using our system enables you to offer the best service to your customers on a global scale.

At MonitorMyWeb, we believe more is better and that is what you receive! 

More features. More benefits. More support. Cheaper cost.

It is that simple.

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Unlimited Users

Add unlimited users to your account at no extra cost. Create groups and structure your alert system to notify the correct people regardless of your business' size.

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14 Day Free Trial

Try our 14 Day Free Trial. You will receive one web monitor and one server monitor to use on your account as well as 10 free SMS credits. Enjoy the same features as you would have on our paid packages including unlimited users.

Email Alert from MonitorMyWeb

Email Alerts

Receive performance reports and alerts via email instead of using your SMS credits. At MonitorMyWeb, we believe you should receive what you want, when you want, how you want.

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Global Check Locations

Monitor performances on a global scale, discover how visitors from 6 continents experience your service. Enjoy 1-minute intervals for live feed updates on how your performing.

package amendments with no upgrade charges

Upgrade For Free

No hidden charges when your upgrade. We only charge you the difference to your new plan. E.G - If you upgrade from a £10 plan to a £20 plan half way through your billing period, you will only be charged £5 and your upgrade is activated immediately.

minute by minute tracking

Measure Minute Details

Your website works every second of every day and so does MonitorMyWeb with 1-minute monitoring, making sure you capture every detail about your service’s uptime.

historical error reports

Historical Reports

Free data storage of the last 2 months of the performance of your services. Analyse low performance and find correlations to prevent it happening again.

false alert preventing system

No False Alerts

Alerts aren’t to be taken lightly, that is why we feel it is important to ensure you don’t receive false alarms. MonitorMyWeb ensures that at least 2-minute triggers are breached before submitting an alert, even if it is just a little blip, you can rest assured that cleared alerts will be sent once the problem has been resolved.

Clear Monitor Dashboard

Simple Dashboard

View your performance at a glance, each dashboard is designed to offer the easier method to present your data to make it simple.

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Quick Turnaround Support

We understand how important your service is to you and that means it is important to us. Our dedicated team of support experts are on hand to answer any questions or support requests you require, simply submit a query and our experts aim to answer you quickly.

how to guide for subscribers

A Handy Guide

We all need assistance from time to time. That’s why we’ve developed our simple online guides to cover the frequently asked questions and processes to make your experience as simple as possible.

SMS Alert from MonitorMyWeb

SMS Alerts

Unlike most other monitoring services, we do not overcharge for SMS bundles. If you want extra credits, you can top up and get 100 SMS credits for just £10.

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