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Inform The Correct People

Various alert settings can be created depending on the needs of your website. Create alert groups to ensure the correct alert is sent to the correct people including active hours.

Group Escalation

Create escalation processes if alerts have not been cleared within a specified timeframe. 

  1. Initial alerts will be sent to the correct department - e.g. IT Technician

  2. If not resolved within 2 hours - secondary alert sent to heads of departments to ensure the fault is been resolved.

Simple Grouping

A high user interface provides quick creation of groups and assignment to ensure the correct people are arranged easily.

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Unlimited Users

We do not impose any hidden charges when you want more users to ensure your website is active. We promote company and group collaboration with grouped alerts and access to specific data.

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Alert Type

Receive instant notifications via SMS and/or email to your designated alert groups so you always know how your website is performing. Error detected? Depended on error type, your designated alert group will receive all the information to resolve the error.

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We understand how important your service is to you and that means it is important to us. Our dedicated team of support experts are on hand to answer any questions or support requests you require, simply submit a query and our experts aim to answer you quickly.

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Live Status Codes

Alerts about having an issue is ok, have alerts with information about what is wrong is great. Every alert we provide includes precise status codes so you will know exactly what requires fixing, saving you time and customers.

MonitorMyWeb has allowed us to compete internationally. Previously we didn't know our website used to go down in the US, now we receive notifications. A service we now couldn't live without! Darren - WhoIsVisiting
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